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  • Voter Registration Day

    Voter Registration Day

    September 20, 2015

    Are you already thinking about voting and who might be the best candidate? Make sure to check out our VOTER REGISTRATION DAY with ‪#‎FREEPIZZA‬ if you sign up to vote! Your vote counts so get involved in your own country on SEPTEMBER 22nd from 11AM to 2PM in the QUAD.… Continue reading

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  • Club Week Fall 2015

    Club Week

    September 08, 2015

    If you haven’t joined a club yet, it is definitely time to do so now! Next week will be CLUB WEEK where all the clubs come out, introduce themselves and get to know you while you’re getting to know them! Make sure to swing by the AS tent as well… Continue reading

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  • Relxation week

    Relaxation Week Spring 2015

    April 30, 2015

    Stressed about the finals and have been cramming hard? Need some snacks, refreshments and test supplies before the test starts? Desire a free massage to relax yourself? Continue reading

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