About the Associated Students of Pasadena City College

We are PCC’s student body consisting of 12 current students that are elected annually to represent and work for the students. Our goal is to provide students with information, entertainment, and services that are necessary to support them in reaching academic success at PCC and in the future. The Associated Students office is located in the Campus Center building in room 105B (CC-105B).

Executive Board

The Executive Board is ASPCC’s main operating body. It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to manage the representation of students, provide oversight for events and operations of other bodies, and manage the ASPCC budget. It is comprised of the President, and ten Vice Presidents, as well as the Chief Justice, and the Student Trustee who sit in an advisory capacity. Click here to find out more.

Inter-Club Council

The Inter-Club Council is the largest assembly of student-elected representatives at Pasadena City College. The Inter-Club Council is responsible for approving and allocating club funding for extracurricular programs, workshops, and events that enrich student life on-campus. The Inter-Club Council is composed of representatives from every active club on-campus and the ASPCC Vice President for Internal Affairs, who serves as the Chair of the Inter-Club Council. Click here to find out more.

Supreme Council

The Supreme Council is the judicial arm of ASPCC. The Supreme Council ensures that the laws and rules of ASPCC are following, makes interpretations and decisions when the governing documents come into conflict, and helps to draft amendments and maintain the ASPCC governing documents. The Supreme Council is made up of the Chief Justice, and up to six appointed Justices. Click here to find out more.

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