Frequently Asked Questions / What is ASPCC?

Associated Students of Pasadena City College (ASPCC) is the representative body of all students on campus. Each student at PCC is a member of ASPCC and entitled to the benefits of membership. These include free access to our services and events, participation in AS clubs and organizations, and help in making your student experience as fulfilling as possible.

We also represent the student body to both the college as a whole and outside of PCC in lobbying to our legislators and national reps. To help us, students may be asked to take part in voluntary AS surveys or focus groups, as well as being invited to monthly town halls. ASPCC is here to let students know what’s going on at the college that might or will affect students, and give the students an opportunity to give us their views, comments and concerns.

How does that help me?

Every student will encounter roadblocks while attending any college or university. Some are easy to overcome, some aren’t. You are our members and constituents – if you have a problem, it’s our problem! We can investigate, talk to the college on your behalf, and hopefully get you a solution – or, at least, an explanation and reason. Not only that, but AS sponsored clubs and activities are fun and exciting! Lancer Movie Night gains popularity each month with big-screen showings in the quad of movies before they’re released to DVD! And if you have any interest, we either have a club to match, or a really easy way to start your own!

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