Hanna Israel, VP Sustainability

August 25, 2011

After being appointed last year to serve my first term for Vice President for Sustainability, I am excited to be back in office for a second year, representing sustainability at PCC. On the eve of Welcome Day, I am proud to be writing this blog entry after a long summer, where the AS board has worked tirelessly to lay the foundation for what is going to be an incredible year at PCC.

I have overcome the learning curve of sustainability at PCC. I plan on collaborating with clubs, committees, and faculty to organize events that are free and open to the community. I will advocate for renewable energy on campus, for food justice in our cafes, and will work towards transforming PCC into a community resource center for innovation and sustainability.

Expect event advertisements, shout outs to other campaigns, sustainability news as it pertains to PCC and our community, and my occasional eco-political editorializing. I will highlight happenings on campus from Seeds of Change, PCC’s premier environmental club, and calls for action to Save Hahamongna Watershed Park. My goal is for this blog to serve as a consistent liaison for PCC and its neighborhood.

With hours til the launch of this website, I am proud of what this year’s AS Executive Board has accomplished thus far and look forward to bringing visibility to sustainability at PCC.


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