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August 29, 2011

So for those of you unfamiliar with some of the Shared Governance Committees, let me introduce a new one to you. There is a committee on campus that has money talks, or rather, discusses money. This committee is known as the Budget Resource and Allocation Committee, BRAC for short. There are two student positions that always sit on BRAC: the Student Trustee—currently myself, Alexander Soto—and the Associated Students Vice President for Business Affairs, currently Daniela Rueda.

BRAC met this Friday August 26th and will be meeting again next week, Friday September 2nd. The BRAC meetings often touch and clarify on the College’s current and future finances. Currently, the committee is charged with getting a budget recommendation put forth to the Board of Trustees by September 15th, which is the deadline for the school to adopt a budget for the upcoming year. During this past meeting we discussed the Unrestricted General Fund (this covers mainly operational costs – about 80% is salaries, which includes teachers, staff, management, administration, etc.), which is one of a few funds.

Now in terms of this year’s budget, the situation could be better.  The school is expecting to receive about $5 million less than it did this past year from the State, plus an additional $2 million in cuts during the rest of the academic year.

There was a list of things that we would like to see as a campus made up during this meeting, however there is the understanding that if something is added, something else must be cut. During the meeting, it was noted that this year the school budgeted less for management and administration because of retirements. Last year, the school spent about $10 million on these positions and about $8 million this year—and these numbers include the restructured Administration with the new Vice Presidents (in fact, in terms of Vice Presidents, it appears there are $1 million dollars in savings).

Even with these newly-generated savings, the school needs to make decisions going forward and I, as well as Daniela will do our best to represent students and inform you of what happens. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (or post a comment) or any other member of the Associated Students.


Humbly yours,

Alexander Soto
Student Trustee

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  1. Jan says:

    The world is in financial crisis now.
    Global warming affecting the flow of the market and many more.

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