Resolved: That ASPCC shall resolve

October 30, 2011

For the 112 community colleges in the State of California, 112 Associated Students organizations are going to be (in theory) busy, busy, busy reading a slew of resolutions that various student governments have put forward to the Student Senate for California’s Community Colleges for discussion and review. The SSCCC is the statewide “AS” that is meant to represent students from the whole of the system. How it works is very complicated (and our VP for External Affairs, John Fraser, knows a lot more about it than me) but each semester the SSCCC holds a general assembly where it decides what its positions, actions and major issues will be for that semester and going forward. These are determined by resolutions which are put forward to the whole community college system at the general assembly which each school then votes on. The successful ones become part of the SSCCC’s goals, and the failed ones don’t. Some of the resolutions have to do with the inner workings of the SSCCC and how it operates, and some have to do with endorsements of movements such as Occupy Wall Street. Some call for action, others simply encouragements of action by other bodies.

So, this week we will be reviewing and deciding what ASPCC wants to support, oppose, or take no position on. The final decision by ASPCC will be at this week’s board meeting (Wednesday, November 2nd at 12pm in CC212). Why is this important, and why should we care? Well, PCC is part of the California community college system, and a lot of the issues we face at PCC directly relate to actions taken at the state level – by the CC Chancellor’s office, by the state budget and legislature, and so on. So, by making sure we participate actively, we can help to shape what happens at the state level, while also focusing and implementing at the local level. The theory is continuity of voice and action, I think.

So, we’ll be slogging through a large document of resolutions. It’s attached to this post, if you’re interested or want to send your thoughts on what we should/shouldn’t support this General Assembly. Be warned, though, it is rather long. As always, we’ll post about what we end up deciding on this topic to the website. So til then!

Simon Fraser
Chief Justice

SSCCC Fall 2011 Resolutions Packet
SSCCC Fall 2011 Resolutions Packet
Fall 2011 Resolutions Packet - Friday.pdf
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