Apply to Oil Tax to Fund Education Cmte

January 20, 2012

The purpose of the Tax Oil to Fund Education Committee is to campaign on behalf of Proposition 1522, a measure which will institute a 15% severance tax on oil and natural gas, without burdening the consumer, in order to fund public education. This would result in $1.5 billion in funds to the California Community College system, and other endowments for public schools.

The aim of the committee is to collect 7,000 eligible signatures from PCC by April 15.

Members will gain experience with parliamentary procedure and political campaigning. Committee members would be charged with the task of soliciting signatures by tabling in the Quad and Galloway Plaza, as well as making classroom visits.

In-committee meetings have been approved for service hours, and the committee secretary would receive 1.5 service hours per hour in the committee.

The application to the Oil Tax to Fund Education Committee is attached below. Please contact John Fraser at (626) 585-7980 or for more information.

Oil Tax to Fund Education Committe Application
Oil Tax to Fund Education Committe Application
Application for Oil Tax to Fund Education Committee.pdf
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