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February 22, 2012


Some of you may have already experienced the negative effects of our budget situation in the shape of cancelled classes. As our Chief Justice Simon Fraser explained in his detailed blog post, PCC has been hit by yet another budget cut from Sacramento.

Certainly, this is a very unpleasant situation that has already been incredibly detrimental to a number of students and faculty. As your elected officials, we are arduously working towards a multifaceted approach in response to the actions taken by the Administration (we’ll share more on this approach later).

My focus for this blog post is to inform you all of one of the ways in which we are mitigating the effects of the budget cuts: SCHOLARSHIPS. I know, I know… As much as we would like to provide the equivalent of a class or section, we are using our immediate resources to give our student constituents (you) as much assistance, as fast as possible. I do, however, encourage you all to keep current with all of A.S. efforts (town halls, A.S. Board meetings, etc.) and become an active in our efforts to advocate for all students.

On the meantime, please fill out our scholarship application, which will soon be available online. We are also handing it out in the Quad during Week of Welcome and Club Week (the first two weeks of Spring semester).

So stop by our table, contact me at, or come and see me at the Office of Student Affairs (CC Building, behind the glass wall of the WiFi Lounge) to take advantage of this opportunity! Priority will be given to those students that had unexpected class cancellations, but the application is not limited to this population.

We hope our efforts can be to your benefit, as we are working hard to advocate for students all across campus.


Daniela Rueda
VP for Business Affairs

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