Merry-Go-Winter: Calendar Confusion for 2013

August 04, 2012

Since I’ve been on campus, Winter Intersession has been a campaign wedge issue for all ASPCC candidates.  I’m told that even before then this is the case.  So every year, the same discussion, argument, fight, Armageddon-scenario is being hashed out on campus.   Usually we’ve just been talking about a straight cut, but this time the argument is a whole new calendar to be implemented. I’ll say this now and repeat it again later: our job here is to represent your wants and needs to the college.  If you have a strong opinion on Winter, please email me at or click the title of this post and use the attached comments form.

The college administration would like us to move to three semesters in an academic year – Fall, starting the same way it does now, Spring, to begin in January and end in May, and Summer, to begin end of May through to end of July/beginning of August. They call this the trimester.

The faculty union on campus has to agree to major aspects of how this change would happen.  They want to keep things the way they are.

Our job is to represent student wants and interests on campus.  What we believe as Associated Students is:

  • There is overwhelming student support for the calendar as it is right now,
  • Even if there wasn’t that support for the status quo, which there is, it’s unfair and wrong to change the calendar in the middle of the year, the semester before it’s due to happen.
  • There’s a process on campus called Shared Governance, where the different groups – including us – get to study, examine, and discuss changes like this before it happens.  This hasn’t gone through any Shared Governance process so far, and
  • ASPCC is very happy to discuss this stuff, if we were invited to the table. To students, Winter isn’t a prize at the employment negotiating table; it’s a valuable opportunity.

I started my education at PCC during a Winter Intersession (Winter 2010) and so I experienced first hand the benefits.  Until you the students tell us that you no longer want Winter Intersession, we will keep representing that view to the rest of the college. At least for however long this board is on the merry-go-round.

Simon Fraser
President, ASPCC

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  1. Abbott says:

    We are international sutdents! We need vacasion!!!

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