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September 03, 2012

Whether or not ASPCC agreed, our responsibility to the students is not only to represent your views to the administration, but also ensured that students are prepared for the decisions of the administration.  Conversations will come to debrief the events of the last few weeks, but our first responsibility is to make sure every student knows that the trimester is very likely to be implemented this year.  If you needed or wanted a class in Winter Intersession that was related to your larger academic goal, see your counselor. If you have any trouble with getting an appointment or are unable to find a satisfactory solution to your educational needs, come and see us in CC-105B, behind the Wi-Fi lounge.  We are able to advocate on your behalf, and help you navigate the college system.

Since the Board of Trustees gave the college administration the approval to proceed with a trimester calendar, and to pull the trigger on it by October 5, 2012, I’ve had a lot more responses to my winter intersession opinion survey, our other surveys, emails and facebook comments in general, and more.  One or two of those seem to have believed that either I agreed with the decision, or that I actually made the decision.  So just a couple things:

1) ASPCC represents you at the “shared governance” table.  We participate in the decision making process by providing our input from the perspective of the students.  The faculty, staff, and managers also get the opportunity to participate in that process and provide their own views.  The administration doesn’t require every one of those groups to agree with a decision in order to move forward. In fact, the administration could move forward with a decision that none of those groups agreed with – so long as it actively listened and consulted with those groups before making the decision.

2) I did not agree that the winter intersession should be removed.  I did not agree that we should implement a trimester calendar for 2012-2013.  I believed that there were other options that should have been explored, and that calendar changes shouldn’t simply be jumped into for this academic year. The administration, and the Board of Trustees, disagreed and moved forward.  So, certainly I didn’t ‘sign off’ on any change to the calendar.

As I said above, conversations will happen that will debrief the last few weeks and what’s going to happen moving forward.  Look out for a Town Hall coming to a Circadian near you. And please, keep filling out those surveys if you haven’t already.

Simon Fraser
President, ASPCC

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