Club Week Confab

January 08, 2013

Hello everyone,

This is an update for all you club reps out there. If you didn’t get an email update you need to send me and Michael McGreal, the ICC Secretary, your club gmail. All your club officers should have access to this, especially if you have newly elected members. But if you did, this would be more than a short summary including some REALLY important notices.

For returning clubs, you DO NOT need to fill out another Charter Packet. You are chartered until the end of the academic year. The only thing you would need to turn in is a Board of Officers form, if your club officers have changed, and a funding request form. Both of these can be found in the ICC Charter Packet or on this website under “Get Involved” and “Clubs and Orgs”. There will be no ICC meeting until January 18th due to room complications and the AS Retreat, but I’ll always be available through email or in CC105 during my office hours.

For Club Week I’m going to use a method much like the adds and drops for classes. If you don’t show up at some point for the first day, Monday January 14th, I will give your table to another club. Check in at the AS booth for the first day, including potential clubs looking to get a table. If you email me and let me know that you can’t make it the first day, I’ll let a potential club use it for that time you are gone but you’ll be able to reclaim it for those remaining days. If your club for whatever reason doesn’t need your table anymore, just send me an email and let me know. We will be having free food on Tuesday and Thursday only, provided by the AS Executive Board. If you intend to bring beverages or food that is not prepackaged to giveaway it will need to go through Pai Pispratuang in the Piazza for Food and Catering Services clearance. (

The ICC deadlines once again are as follows. For service hour appeals turn in paperwork to the “ICC Service Projects Committee” box in the Office of Student Affairs time stamped by 5PM on January 10th. For ICC funding requests turn it into my mailbox (Anna Torres) time stamped by 3:30PM January 18th. This is for the Spring funding cycle, so if there is an event going on in the Spring term (before May 5th) that your club is looking to request funds for, submit it by this deadline.

For new clubs, if you are looking to get funding for any events this semester please submit the funding request form found in the ICC Charter Packet by the deadline above. Even if you’re not chartered yet, this is the deadline for Spring consideration. We can set funds aside for when you may be chartered. At the soonest we will be able to charter new clubs at our ICC meeting on January 18th. So if you turn in all completed paperwork a few days before that we should have you up for charter that day. Please keep in mind that you MUST send an ICC Rep to every ICC meeting. These take place twice a month on Fridays 12-2PM. I will have a schedule up as soon as we get our logistics settled. But agendas will always be available 72 hours in advance on this website under “Records” when we do call a meeting and these are always open to the public.

I hope this information helps everyone. I know this new Trimester set up can take a little getting used to, but the Associated Students is always here to help and be a resource. If there’s anything more I can do for you, your club, or fellow students please feel free to contact me anytime. Have a happy semester!

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  1. Elia Pacheco says:

    @atorres Im the Secretary for the Critical Theory Club and Im trying to find the Funding Form on the AS website but I cant. Can you help me?
    Thanks, Elia

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