Lancerpoint Mock Registration

March 22, 2013

Join us in trying out this new registration system. We need as much student feedback that we can get. And there’s a plus.. some free food and some tablet.

Lancerpoint is the new version of our online database we refer to as “Lancerlink.” PCC has been working to keep our online hub (which includes registrations, transcripts, etc. ) up to date and we need your help to try this new system out.

There will be a “mock registration” for Lancerpoint next week on the following dates and times:
March 26  - Tuesday         -11:00 am – 1:00 pm
March 27  - Wednesday   -11:00 am – 1:00 pm
March 28  - Thursday       -11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Venue: Office of the Student Affairs – CC105 – Inside the office that you see when you are in the ICC meetings at the wifi lounge.
This project is really vital as your opinions or feedback are pretty much appreciated. I encourage you all to participate and relay the news to your club mates.
1. The event will not consume the entire two hours. You will sign in and navigate around Lancerpoint, fill up a questionnaire/survey form, get your FREE PIZZA, and you’re done. Come in and join us when you can!
2. There will be vegan options for the pizza.
3. You may win a special prize with the raffle ticket you are going to get when you participate. A tablet!
4. If you are in a club, you are eligible for service hours. So go get the word out to your club mates ASAP. Participating grants you an hour. (We all know that when club hour due dates are getting closer, every hour counts.)
Thank you so much for your cooperation and we hope to see you there.
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  1. Joe Beatty says:

    As a member of the Standards Committee, I will participate in the use of the Hub with our mock registration event. However as I tries to emphasize with you and Anna more than a year ago, our children would rather play with things that are Face Book oriented. One of the most backward clubs on campus (Student in Broadcasting) still leave their hub link untouched as their web master (Ulysses) will only devote his time to their Facebook link to the real world weather club donners and supporters like it or not. You and your sister need to do a little bit more than offer pizza to encourage club officers to do the right thing. Smart people know how to navigate Facebook with a fake address and smarter ones just avoid it when ever possible. I would be the first to admit that at times Facebook can’t be avoided and share my way of coping above. Thanks and
    Peace Be With You,
    Joe Beatty

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