Caption This. Photo Posting Contest

March 23, 2013

Are you interested of earning easy money into your club account by doing what we all do best? Facebooking?

The publicity committee is proud to introduce the new CAPTION THIS: PHOTO POSTING CONTEST

With 2 easy steps, your club can earn an instant $100 on it’s T and A accounts.

First way: Submit a photo of your club to The photos will be posted on visible to those who have joined/liked the myaspcc page. The photo with the most likes gets an instant hundred dollars! Make sure your photo is worth caption-ing to encourage facebook users to like it.
Second Way: To promote the lancer spirit between clubs, we encourage everyone to caption the photos from other clubs. Have the funniest caption and get another $100! (Make sure to write the name of the club you are in when commenting.)
Cant wait to see all of your amazing photos on

Caption This Photo Posting Competition

May the lancer spirit be with you,
Peter Torres
Vice President for Public Relations
Associated Students of Pasadena City College
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