Extended Spring SOS

April 17, 2013

Having problems registering on Lancerlink today? Enlist the courses you need in our class registration draft and let us know what you need. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES THAT WE CAN OFFER YOU ANY CLASSES. This is simply to gather information and forward them to the administration. Rest assured, we will do our best to reach out to the proper channels and get you a class.

Extended Spring Form



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  1. Gonzalo says:

    I need my English 1A class

  2. anastasia gershman says:

    I have worked tirelessly over the last year and a half to reach my goals, and have supported the college in every way possible. Incredibly disappointed in this process. I see people around me able to get classes because they have 5 hours to sit around endlessly inputting their info into the system, while I go to my classes all day long and still don’t have mine – and I’m preparing to transfer in the fall.
    Please hold Rocha accountable for this.

  3. salvador romero says:

    Been waiting since 7 am to get registered for Speech 10.

  4. Candace says:

    They should of gave different registration dates
    This system is so retarded!! Ughh

  5. Alejandra says:

    I wasn’t able to transfer because you guys called it Summer during application period. I haven been rejected from every school because of this! You guys should have known to call it SPRING from the BEGINNING. ONE class is what held me back for a whole year!!!

  6. Andres Martinez Lopez says:

    It is really frustrating that PCC, would not take steps to making their website less prone to crashing, and were they can accommodate all their students when registration is open. The problems that PCC has experienced in todays Extended Spring registration are not anything that they have not experienced in the past. It seams that PCC only intends to patch up the problem and not resolve the problem. I had intended to take Bio11 for the extended Spring, but as I finally was able to get to the final steps of registration, the final 3-seats that were available were taken and now my plans for transferring next year are less hopeful. I dont blame those students for taking those final spots, I blame PCC for not making there students future a priority to provide the classes need to graduate or transfer, and a way to register online easier without complications.

  7. Vicky S says:

    Today’s experience is beyond disappointing. I have set a goal to finish my 60 credits by next spring, in order to transfer to CalState LA for my degree in Nutritional Science. For the last 2 semesters I have been trying to take Nutrition 11 class, but it fills up very quickly. I had hopes to register for this class in Extended Spring semester, but unsuccessfully. I have been up since 7am and all my attempts are fruitless. I have only one question: WHY DID PCC administration let this happen???

  8. William Pearson says:

    After four succesful attempts to simply log in, three of those attempts utterly fell flat on their face and forgot I was registering for class. Why is this system to broken?

  9. Eric says:

    Unbelievable mismanagement! I spent about 8 hours of frustrating wait both on line and in line at admission — still didn’t get the class! Now I have to get up early tomorrow morning to head back in line again! Whoever made this decision to abandon priority in favor of this free for all needs to resign!

  10. Marisa says:

    it would be great to have more evening options. :( as a ’9-5er’ its really hard to do anything else other than evening.

  11. Dot says:

    Just got into Speech 10 on my FIRST TRY after (literally, I counted!) 300 attempts to register yesterday. Try again now if you need the class.

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