Elections 2013 - Results

May 16, 2013

The Election results are out. Some familiar faces and some new set of officers will be taking office starting June first.

With one of the highest turn outs in the history of PCC voting, the new set of officers were named after two hard fought weeks of campaign. Students for Progress continues its legacy of service after winning all the contested positions in the poll.

The Results are as follows:

Student Trustee:
Simon Fraser (Students For Progress): 733
Snefuru Hines (Students United): 324

John Fraser (Students For Progress): 732
Robert Gordon (Students United): 383

Chief Justice:
Peter Torres (Students For Progress): 661
Elizabeth Garcia (Students United): 274
Paul Ingram Birkeland (Justice League): 189

Vice President for Internal Affairs:
Marisol Salcedo (Students For Progress): 742
Valerie Roque (Students United): 330

Vice President for Business Affairs:
Austin Kang (Students For Progress): 763
Charlie Camacho (Justice League): 339

Vice President for External Affairs:
Nicholas Alderete (Students For Progress): 660
Erick Peraza (Students United): 437

Vice President for Sustainability:
Alyssa Nunez (Students For Progress): 729
Dorcas Llorico (Students United): 366

Vice President for Public Relations:
Irene Lee (Students For Progress): 729
Alexys Carter (Justice League): 355

Uncontested Positions:

| Vice President for Academic Affairs – Eric Bustamante (SFP) | Vice President for Cultural Diversity – Auri Duffy (SFP) |
| Vice President for Student Services – Miranda Alvarado (SFP) | Vice President for Campus Activities – David Zepeda (SU) |

Returning Executive Board/Supreme Council Officers:

Miranda Alvarado

Incumbent VP for Academic Affairs, Miranda Alavardo, won the elections for VP for Student Services


Current Vice President for Public Relations, Peter Torres, secured a spot as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Council – Elect.


ASPCC President Simon Fraser will be serving as the newly elected Student Trustee.

Not in Picture: John Fraser will be sitting as Academic Year 2013-2014 President after being the current VP for External Affairs for two years.

Irene Lee is the current Secretary for the Publicity Committee while David Zepeda is an active member of the Campus Activities Committee. Marisol Salcedo is an ICC representative while Alyssa Nunez has been an officer for Model UN and a member of the Lobby Committee. Nick Alderete is a member of Academic Commission, Publicity and Lobby Committees. Lastly, Austin Kang is a member of Publicity Committee and is an AGS officer.





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