Books for Bars

March 12, 2014

Donate your new or gently used books to inmates in jail! This event will take place all week long until the end of Thursday, March 27. Just place your books in the green bins found in the quad, and California prisons and prisoners will benefit greatly from your donation.

Here is the criteria for donating books:
Books should be in good condition and not over 2 pounds in weight (also not underlined or marked up in the text)
Please feel free to donate any books of the following subjects:
Literary fiction, philosophy, practical psychology, traditional psychology, health, math and all recent materials  materials on the sciences EXCEPT textbooks.
Also please donate books on spiritual topics including books on all the major religions.
The greatest need right now is new paperback dictionaries, Spanish dictionaries, thesauruses, vocabulary and grammar books.

Thank you for your donations! Please help spread the word and assist those in need. Education should be for everyone!

Email the VP for Cultural Diversity, Auriana Duffy, at for more information.

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