The Beginning of a new Era

February 05, 2016

This was quite a smooth start in the new semester with Welcome Week, Movie Nights and Club Week. Now we were told to do something like…blogging. Sounds weird at first, but after giving it a second thought I was convinced this would be good for the entire board. It doesn’t just give us the opportunity to talk about what we do all day every day in our office (CC-105 if you want to swing by one day), but also it gives the opportunity for people to listen and get an insight of the everyday life of an elected officer in student government.

Now posting a blogpost every week is quite a task to do, but not impossible and it is certainly fun to read (depending on the author). With this post I’d like to start a new era; or even better reinstate an old given of posting our experiences and tasks as part of the Associated Students for Pasadena City College.

A few of my tasks I will be writing about are planning and making the St. Patrick’s Day event happen, as well as ordering branded water bottles from AS. Also my committee and me are turning over the entire AS website to make sure we know what to look for when information changes and the ability to keep the website up to date.

Enough for now. More info will come later.
Stay tuned, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and let’s get involved together and bring back the connection between the students (you) and the college (PCC)!

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