Filing you Chartering Packet: The AP5400 Policy

March 04, 2016

Perhaps the most boring blog title you will read from me, but nevertheless a very important one. If you are in a club and re-chartered (or are in the process) then you should be familiar with this document. In order to be chartered by the Inter-Club Council you have to hand in a signed version of the AP5400 with the signature of your President, your ICC Representative and your Primary Advisor as a part of your Charter Packet. This is to verify that you have read, understood and agree to the policy.

Since this is an important document that all ICC members have to sign, I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to explain what the policy is. The policy comes from Chapter 5, Student Services, of the Administrative Procedure Policy of Pasadena City College.

There are three main points to the policy:

PRIVILEGES – This part speaks to the privileges that are granted to clubs once they are officially chartered. The first sub-point is the use of the Pasadena City College name, only approved events and approved clubs (those who are chartered) are allowed to use the name of the college. The second sub-point refers to the use of college facilities, in other words the opportunity to use rooms for club purposes.

RECOGNITION – this part speaks of the requirements to be recognized as an official organization or club at PCC. There are certain requirements that have to be met, in summary these are:

  • Club must consist of current PCC students
  • 10 PCC students have to be the initial members (who signs your petition if you are a new club)
  • You need a full-time faculty advisor
  • You may have a staff member be your co-advisor
  • Your club meetings need to be during the regular school day at Pasadena City College (unless you get approval from the OSL)
  • You have to have a democratic process for choosing board officers and members for your club (and these may not be discriminatory!)
  • You have to be chartered by the Inter-Club Council

The last part, REGULATIONS, speaks to the different regulations for running your club.

  • You have to have an advisor present at all club meetings, club events, board meetings or whenever you are making any decisions for your club.
  • You have to file an ARF (Activity Request Form) in good time with the Office of Student Life in order to get your room or event approved. No event or club gathering may happen without an ARF.
  • You have to have an up-to-date constitution for your club on file with the ICC/ASPCC.
  • You have to make sure that you are not violating any of the ICC or ASPCC bylaws.
  • If you do not follow these regulations you may lose your chartering or be subject to any other disciplinary action.
  • The college is not responsible for any unauthorized gatherings of any kind.
    • Unauthorized gatherings are those who are not approved by the OSL or ICC and do not follow these regulations
    • Guests, friends and visitors can join your on-campus official activities, but the campus have no responsibility over them.
    • Any money that you fundraise or use for your club has to be put in a Trust & Agency Account with the Student Bank.
    • Any clubs at PCC must comply with the District’s Indemnification and hold-harmless statement.


I hope this blog post made it a little bit easier to understand the contents of the AP5400 and what it stands for, so that you as a club or a community member can know the standards and procedures that PCC clubs have to follow.

Have a nice weekend and HAPPY SPRING BREAK (stay safe and make good choices)!



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