ICC Update

September 14, 2016


I want to remind you all the ICC Funding Packet is due this Friday, September 16th at 11am. No packets turned in pass 11am will be accepted. Only clubs registered for the Fall of 2016 and clubs in progress of registration on September 16th are eligible to receive ICC Funding. With that being said, there will be an ICC meeting this Friday, September 16th 2016 at 12pm at the Wifi-Lounge.

The ICC Retreat is also taking place this Saturday, September 17th, 2016 from 9am to 3pm at the Wifi-Lounge. The ICC Retreat’s primary mission is to help transition new board members. If you plan on bringing additional board members, up to 3, please fill out the form in the link below. It will help get a better estimate on the amount of lunch to buy you all. Also, make sure to bring a laptop to the ICC Retreat as you will all be taught how to access and set up your club’s LancerLink profile. If you are unable to have access to a laptop, feel free to email me back and we can work something out.


Happy Club Week!

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