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Dear White People : African American Film Festival

January 31, 2015

This February, for the African American History Month, we will have Dear White People (2/10) on the silver screens. For more information, contact Jordyn at Continue reading

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Scholarship Opportunity

February 13, 2014

Here’s an opportunity for you to save money! Registration fees and textbooks can be quite expensive and The Classified Senate Student Educational Scholarship can help you relieve some of the load. Students must meet the requirements, fill out an application, submit a statement of purpose, and include two letters of… Continue reading

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Press Release - Elections 2012

November 07, 2012

Here is the official Associated Students Press Release from the recently concluded 2012 elections.

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Just so I'm clear:

September 03, 2012

Whether or not ASPCC agreed, our responsibility to the students is not only to represent your views to the administration, but also ensured that students are prepared for the decisions of the administration.  Conversations will come to debrief the events of the last few weeks, but our first responsibility is… Continue reading

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New "Student Calendar" approved; see your counselor!

August 30, 2012

The Board of Trustees approved a tentative calendar that removes the Winter Intersession and moves Spring to start in January 7th. If you had a specific ed plan or were planning to take a class in the winter, we recommend that you arrange an appointment with your Counselor as soon… Continue reading

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Merry-Go-Winter: Calendar Confusion for 2013

August 04, 2012

Since I’ve been on campus, Winter Intersession has been a campaign wedge issue for all ASPCC candidates.  I’m told that even before then this is the case.  So every year, the same discussion, argument, fight, Armageddon-scenario is being hashed out on campus.   Usually we’ve just been talking about a straight… Continue reading

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A New Year for ASPCC

July 05, 2012

Hello and welcome to the 2012-2013 academic year of Pasadena City College. It’s only just sort of started in the Summer intersession, but ASPCC is already getting ready to go!  My name is Simon Fraser, and I am your Associated Students President for 2012-2013. There are always many ways that… Continue reading

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Staying at my post

February 22, 2012

A large number of students populated the Creveling lounge for the Board of Trustees meeting. Seven pm rolls around, and the crowd starts a mic check reading of the general assembly list of demands. I walked outside; it could definitely be heard outside the open meeting room. The mic check… Continue reading

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Student Service Fund Board of Directors - An Overview

August 26, 2011

For all those who are new to the process or don’t really understand how the SSF/SAF works, here’s a quick overview: The PCC Student Service Fund policy was first implemented in 1972, created to receive and disburse funds to support student co-curricular activities. In May 2010, the policy was revised… Continue reading

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Transparency, participation,and presidential ramblings!

August 25, 2011

Hello there,  My name is Ashley Jackson, and I’m President of the Associated Students. This blog, I hope, will be an effective means of sharing and discussing everything going on at PCC—in particular, everything that affects or interests you, the students. My job essentially entails acting as the student representative… Continue reading

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