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Merry-Go-Winter: Calendar Confusion for 2013

August 04, 2012

Since I’ve been on campus, Winter Intersession has been a campaign wedge issue for all ASPCC candidates.  I’m told that even before then this is the case.  So every year, the same discussion, argument, fight, Armageddon-scenario is being hashed out on campus.   Usually we’ve just been talking about a straight… Continue reading

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About the U Building

March 07, 2012

Campus Cutbacks and Construction With each state level cut to community colleges, administrative spending at PCC is put under an even more refined microscope. Since the last round of section cuts, students have been critical of the campus’ plans for construction, specifically the evacuation (of and plan to demolish) the… Continue reading

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How To Make Public Comment at the Board of Trustees

March 06, 2012

Hey Students! I’m a huge supporter of students speaking out and being heard at every level of the college governance. The more students who speak and share their ideas, the more powerful the student voice is on campus. Unfortunately, I have seen the student’s lack of knowledge on Brown Act… Continue reading

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BRAC (Budget and Resource Allocation Committee)

February 28, 2012

I just received the scheduled meeting dates and times for the Budget and Resource Allocation Committee: BRAC 11-12 . They will be alternating between the Creveling Lounge (CC Building) and the Circadian (adjacent to The Piazza) on a weekly basis. The next scheduled meeting is going to be held on March… Continue reading

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The Student Voice is Being Heard

February 23, 2012

The student protests this week have been extremely powerful, and I have never seen the student voice so strong and so unified. The students at PCC are at the breaking point, and have finally said enough is enough. We are angry, and we are making our voices heard. What I… Continue reading

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Notes from the Board of Trustees Meeting

February 23, 2012

Whew. What an eventful meeting. (And that’s the understatement of the academic year!) Given that it’s now 1:00 AM, I’m going to have to skip the niceties and cover the action going forward, as well as talk about some of the information that has been circulating. Unfortunately, details may be… Continue reading

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Rough Times Ahead

February 14, 2012

Of all of the duties and responsibilities I have with my position, what I believe to be most important is the representation of students on Shared Governance Committees. There are many committees that have been set up to help manage Pasadena City College, and students usually have an equal seat… Continue reading

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Planning and Priorities: WE NEED YOUR VIEWS!

December 12, 2011

Realignment. Faculty chairs, deans, or emperors. Eleven divisions, four schools, or one hundred departments. Silos, outcomes, and vertical/horizontal structures. Most of us have heard our professors talking about it, even briefly. The Courier has published several stories, and in our own AS townhalls we’ve asked for opinions. Read more below… Continue reading

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College Council: Brown Act reigns

October 26, 2011

One of the biggest questions ever asked about college wide shared governance: is it Brown Act? Shouldn’t it follow the law about agenda posting and public comment? Until today. The answer was no. And now the answer is no, but yes. Let me explain. The College Council is an advisory… Continue reading

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College Council: playing by the numbers

October 15, 2011

The College Council is the ‘top tier’ of shared governance at PCC. It is the one area where every constituent group is represented. Three students, three faculty, three classified, three managers, and one representative from each campus union (we have 5 of them).  The College Council meets every fourth Wednesday… Continue reading

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