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ASPCC has diverse and numerous projects, responsibilities, and duties to perform. To make sure that everything we do is given the full attention it deserves and that other students have the opportunity to be involved in our operation, ASPCC has a variety of standing committees which carry out certain delegated functions. These committees have a varied number of students on them, which are usually appointed by the Executive Board. (Note: Supreme Council Justices and Academic Commission Commissioners are appointed after a slightly different process.) Students have the opportunity to apply to each of the committees at the start of the Fall semester for each academic year. Some committees may also accept applications during the Spring semester. This usually depends on the vacancies that occur.

Take a look at each committee page before you decide to apply, to make sure that the committee or council is the right fit for you!

Serving on a committee is a great addition to your resume for careers and on transcripts for transfer because of the experience gained. The work on a committee can be exciting, fun, interesting, and engaging. Depending on the type of committee you apply to join, you may be working on anything from budgets, to events, to the laws of ASPCC itself. Below are some descriptions of the different committees that ASPCC has. If the committee has a vacancy, it will be indicated next to the name.

Academic Commission Supreme Council
The Academic Commission works with the ASPCC Vice President for Academic Affairs to create an ongoing dialogue with students from the diverse areas of study within PCC. The commission strives to find innovative ways to increase accessibility and availability of academic opportunities and promote student success.
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Contact: Kelly Banh –
The Supreme Council is a body of ASPCC that has the authority to review and revise the ASPCC. Constitution, bylaws, and Policy & Procedures. Members of the Supreme Council are required to uphold the aforementioned documents, make recommendations to the said documents as they see fit, and are usually expected to draft laws and written opinions.
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Contact:  Gohar Tahmizian –
Finance Committee Campus Activities Committee
The Finance Committee will implement and monitor the Associated Students budget as well as stay up to date with PCC’s expenditures. The Committee will also create innovative events on campus that will educate students on everyday issues as well as fiscal concerns and distribute scholarships to students on behalf of the Associated Students.
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Contact: Jasmeet Dhillon –
The purpose of the Campus Activities Committee is to promote student and community involvement by developing new, innovative ways to include and involve the students at large. Through constant collaboration with clubs, organizations, and departments, the campus activities committee will serve to provide for and enrich the lives of its constituents.Click to Apply
Contact: Norman Lambert –
Student Services Committee Lobby Committee
The Student Services Committee focuses on meeting the needs of the students by using surveys, event s and other mediums to provide a constant source of communication and information. The committee asses, develops and helps coordinate new programs on campus that further students development and better provide for the PCC community.
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Contact: Phoebe Fang –
The primary purpose of the Lobby Committee is to find legislation which affects or potentially affects PCC students. In addition, the Lobby Committee will serve as an active voice on behalf of students and will work with the political system at large in order to find what best benefits the students within the PCC community.
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Contact: Dean Wyrzykowski –
Publicity Committee Sustainability Committee
Markets, publicizes and promotes AS activities, events and concerns on campus as well as in the community. Duties of the Committee range from preparing press releases for the Courier to designing and posting ads in the form of banners, flyers, brochures, and web-based media for AS events and services. Members of the committee will also act as liaisons between AS and local media.
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Contact: Samantha Salomon –
This committee works to advance the understanding and application of sustainability, including elements of environmental, economic and social wellness. Members of the sustainability committee will work to encourage more environmentally and ethically conscious lifestyle choices among students and members of the community through innovative events, activism, policy writing.
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Contact: Natalie Batista –
Cultural Diversity Committee Student Trustee Advisory Council
The Cultural Diversity committee will serve as a catalyst for the PCC community by actively promoting diversity and expression among its students. The committee will assist clubs and organizations and plan and implement cultural diversity activities, ensuring that the community will be able to express itself in a positive and inclusive way.
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Contact: Kiely Lam –
Members of the board have several responsibilities including fiscal, policy, planning and monitoring responsibilities, as well as staff management. The board monitors the performance of Pasadena City College and works towards achieving 100% Student Success. Trustees are open minded, thoughtful, visionary, and capable of seeing the “big picture”.
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Contact: Nune Garipian –


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