Academic Commission

The Academic Commission, chaired by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, is the body of the Associated Students that deals most directly with the educational and academic aspects of Pasadena City College. The VP for Academic Affairs and the twelve Academic Commissioners communicate directly with faculty and other areas on campus to represent student interests in academic matters. The Commission also provides services, Academic events, and scholarships to help students achieve their academic goal.

The Academic Commission also serves as a liaison between the Associated Students and the Academic Senate, the main body that deals with faculty affairs, as well as PCC’s Vice President of Instruction. Additionally, Commissioners meet with Deans throughout the campus to represent students and compile academic news and information.

Vacancies on the Academic Commission

The Academic Commission is accepting applicants for the 2016-2017 school year. Apply now!

What do Commissioners do?

The main duty of an Academic Commissioner is to compile and organize information about their assigned Division. This entails meeting with the Dean and faculty of that division, finding tutoring and lab times, and researching scholarships. Commissioners then create easy service guides to be made available to students in that division.

Commissioners also report back to the Associated Students on the academic news around the campus. Occasionally, Commissioners are asked to sit as student representatives on Shared Governance Committees. In addition, Commissioners help support the VP for Academic Affairs in event planning and staffing, scholarship awarding, and any other services or projects offered.

Why should I apply to the Academic Commission?

The Academic Commission, and the Associated Students as a whole, gives students a chance to effect lasting change and progress on campus. As an Academic Commissioner, students are able to provide support and assistance to other students, as well as represent students to other bodies on campus. Commissioners also have a great deal of interaction with faculty and administration on campus, and learn how campus wide policies are created, discussed, and amended.

If you are interested in educational policy, providing services to students, and giving back to your college and community, then apply to the Academic Commission today!

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