Cultural Diversity Committee

The Cultural Diversity committee will serve as a catalyst for the PCC community by actively promoting diversity and expression among its students. The committee will assist clubs and organizations and plan and implement cultural diversity activities, ensuring that the community will be able to express itself in a positive and inclusive way.

As a member of the Cultural Diversity committee you will have the opportunity to network and get to know most of the clubs on campus and expand your understanding and awareness of the diverse community at our college. It’s an opportunity to give back to your community and to gain so much more at the same time.

Vacancies on the Cultural Diversity Committee!

The Cultural Diversity Committee is chaired by the Vice President for Cultural Diversity and is comprised of appointed members from the student body. Committee members are not limited to specific majors, so anyone with a desire to serve in this committee is encouraged to apply now!

What will I be expected to do?

As part of the Cultural Diversity Committee you will be expected to act in a respectful, cordial and understanding manner towards your fellow committee members, the chair and all of the organizations with which the committee will be working. The committee will always be open to different perspectives and all kinds of input as long as it is respectful towards everyone in the committee and outside of it. Consequently, you are expected to follow all of the ASPCC bylaws and abide by its Constitution.

Having that cleared, new and innovative ideas will always be welcomed and an eager and enthusiastic attitude to plan and execute campus wide events will always be appreciated.

What’s the benefit on being part of the Cultural Diversity Committee?

You will gain experience planning and executing events. You will also learn how to allocate budgets and how to work with outside businesses. Networking with different organizations on campus (Student, Faculty, Classified, etc.). This committee will give you the tools to grow as a leader and to improve your networking skills as well as a cultural enrichment. The main goal of this committee is to create awareness and promote tolerance between people of all walks of life and different backgrounds therefore, as a member of the committee you will hopefully gain these skills and be able to teach them to members of your own community.

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