Lobby Committee

The Lobby Committee, chaired by the Vice President for External Affairs, is the branch of the Associated Students which represents the student voice to outside organizations, primarily in a political capacity.  The committee takes stands on legislation which affects students, supports ballot propositions and initiatives in students’ interests, and represents the Associated Students on an intercollegiate level.

Vacancies on the Lobby Committee

The Lobby Committee is accepting applicants for the 2016-2017 school year. Apply now!

Positions on the Lobby Committee include lobbyists, a public relations position, a secretary, and a vice chair. Members are expected to attend each meeting and special event.  If a member is unable to attend, they are to notify the chair.

What does the Lobby Committee do? 

  • Gather signatures for propositions;
  • Coordinate demonstrations or rallies;
  • Visit elected officials for lobbying purposes;
  • Campaign for or against legislators, and;
  • Support or oppose legislation.

What are the benefits of joining the Lobby Committee?

  • Experience in political participation;
  • It looks great on a resume and college application, and;
  • Chances to meet the people who make the laws that affect your everyday lives.
  • Make a significant impact on your community, state, and nation.


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