Lobby Committee Application

Thanks for your interest in the PCC Student Lobby Committee! Please complete the below application form. If you prefer to complete an application by hand, an application form is available from the Office of Student Affairs. The questions are exactly the same. Incomplete applications will most likely be discarded. If you have any problems or questions about how to fill out this application, please contact the VP for External Affairs, Dean Wyrzykowski, by email at: aspcc.dwyrzykowski@gmail.com.

Applicants may directly email a resume, curriculum vitae, or letters of reference. Such materials are encouraged, not required. Such additions will be considered during the application.


Information are enclosed in the application. Please fill up accordingly. Once finished, submit your completed application to the Office of Student Affairs in the Campus Center (CC105) no later than Friday, September 11 at 4:30 pm for priority interview. Applications will still be accepted after the 11th of September at CC105.


Student Lobby Committee Application 2016
Student Lobby Committee Application 2016
SLCApplication2016 (1).pdf
Version: Fall 2016
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