Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee, chaired by the Vice President of Public Relations, is a creative and pro-active body of the Associated Students that is dedicated to ensuring that the Associated Students are continually transparent, accessible, and in open communication with all bodies at Pasadena City College.

The Publicity Committee works closely with other offices on campus, including but not limited to student clubs, The Courier, Lancer Radio, the Public Relations department. Additionally, the Publicity Committee is also able to assist the student population in highlighting student work, activity, and engagement with the college. The Publicity Committee works with various types of media to best uphold its values, utilizing print media, digital media, social networking, etc.

Vacancies on the Publicity Committee!

The Publicity Committee  is comprised of appointed members from the student body. Committee members are not limited to specific majors, so anyone with a desire to serve in this committee is encouraged to apply!

What will I be expected to do?

As a member of the Publicity Committee member, you will be required to attend the biweekly Publicity Committees. Committee members are encouraged to strive towards sustainability and innovation within the context of managing public relations matters. Members are to adhere and operate within the ASPCC constitution and By-Laws, as well as act as a role model to the Student Body and the community.

What are the benefits for being part of the Publicity Committee?

Committee members gain a great deal of experience in managing various areas, which may include but is not limited to: press releases, effective public communication, creative design, software for media purposes. Additionally, committee members will also gain experience with and knowledge of student government and local current events and politics. The skills and experience gained as a committee member in the area of effective communication will be highly useful to furthering personal student success.  Lastly, the opportunity to facilitate lasting progress on a local and possibly global level is continually present.

If you are interested in furthering student success and engagement through increasing awareness of college events and resources, in giving back to the community, and increasing personal student success and experience, apply to the Publicity Committee today!

Applications for the Fall 2015 semester are due Friday, September 18th at 4:30 PM for priority interviews, to the Office of Student Affairs in the CC Building.