Student Services Committee

The Associated Students Student Services Committee of Pasadena City College is a body that works with Student Services departments to improve upon already existing services provided by the college, to create more opportunities for students, and plans and implements events created for greater student awareness and student benefit.

Committee members work closely with the Vice President for Student Services to ensure that all tasks and projects are done efficiently and executed correctly.

Committee members meet once a week for one hour with the Vice President for Student Services.

Vacancies on the Student Services Committee!

The Student Services Committee is chaired by the Vice President for Student Services and is comprised of appointed members from the student body. Committee members are not limited to specific majors, so anyone with a desire to serve in this committee is encouraged to apply now!

What will I be expected to do?

Not all committee members have the same task but members will sometimes be asked to work together or in a small working group depending on the project and overall committee size. All tasks that need to get done are equally as important, beneficial, and necessary.  Duties include but are not limited to; planning and organizing events, attending/working at/helping set up for events,  meeting or getting in contact with student services related faculty, or any other task delegated by the Vice President for Student Services.

What’s the benefit on being part of the Student Services Committee?

Joining the Student Services committee is a great way to get involved in campus life, learn more about services provided for students such as; financial aid, scholarship opportunities, registration, transfer tools, health services, psychological services, the police department, etc., and meet and network with like-minded individuals who share similar interests.

Joining a committee is particularly beneficial for new students, returning students, or students who simply wish to increase their campus involvement and do more in college than just attend classes.

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