Sustainability Committee

The Associated Students of Pasadena City College Sustainability Committee envisions itself as an ambitious, proactive, and optimistic body of student leaders successfully advancing the understanding and application of sustainability as the symbiotic balance of economic, environmental, and social wellness.

Active since 2009, the Sustainability Committee seeks new ways to bring greener policies to the PCC campus, involve students in community events, and stimulate a constructive dialogue aimed at increasing awareness of environmental and social issues.

The Committee has identified its chief objectives the design and use of a comprehensive sustainability assessment, a progressive zero-waste policy, increased accessibility to alternative transit, a continued series of documentary screenings to engage and educate students and the community, and an effective use of new media as an outlet to create a conscientious environment for students and the PCC family.

The Sustainability Committee is chaired by the Vice President for Sustainability and appointed members.

Vacancies on the Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is now accepting applications for members to sit on the 2016-2017 Committee!

What does the Sustainability Committee do?

The Sustainability Committee commits to its goals of implementing innovative sustainability policies, promoting a broader and more comprehensive understanding of sustainability, and encourages more environmentally and ethically conscious lifestyle choices among students and members of the community.

What will I be expected to do?

As a Sustainability Committee member you will be expected to actively seek to understand and become familiar with current sustainability issues as they pertain to PCC, both locally and nationally. You will commit to participate in weekly Committee meetings as an active member. Committee members will work to encourage more environmentally and ethically conscious lifestyle choices among students and members of the community through organizing innovative events, engaging constituents in student activism, and policy writing.

For more information about the ASPCC Sustainability Committee, or to get involved with our efforts to create a sustainable community at PCC, please contact Natalie Batista, VP for Sustainability, today.

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