Student Trustee Ad-Hoc Committee

Members of the board have several responsibilities including fiscal, policy, planning and monitoring responsibilities, as well as staff management. The board monitors the performance of Pasadena City College and works towards achieving 100% Student Success. Trustees are open minded, thoughtful, visionary, and capable of seeing the “big picture”.

Vacancies on the Student Trustee Ad-Hoc Committee!

The Student Trustee Ad-Hoc Committee is chaired by the Student Trustee and is comprised of appointed members from the student body. Committee members are not limited to specific majors, so anyone with a desire to serve in this committee is encouraged to apply now!

What will I be expected to do?

As a Student Trustee Ad-Hoc Committee member you will be expected to act and decide in an ethical manner, having the best interest of students and their needs always present. You are to adhere and operate within the ASPCC constitution and By-Laws, as well as act as a role model to the Student Body and the community. Members will commit to responsibly attend and collaborate on monthly meetings, and encourage an active dialogue in pursuit of a cohesive decision-making process. Committee members are encouraged to maintain an innovative mentality so that the Student Trustee Ad-Hoc Committee can benefit students to its fullest extent.

What’s the benefit on being part of the Student Trustee Ad-Hoc Committee?

You will have a better understanding of how community colleges operate through policies and how they act as a community bridge and buffer. By creating a climate for Student Success you’ll learn how community colleges make a difference.

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