Inter-Club Council

One of the greatest ways to get involved here at Pasadena City College is to join one of over 75 clubs and organizations that we have on-campus! With interests ranging from politics, community service, poetry, comedy, dance, cultural awareness, fencing, transfer support, and charity, there’s a club for everyone!

Our new club website has launched!

Sign in, browse the list, join and connect with your clubs and other club members now. Click here to launch the ASPCC Club Website! 

Don’t know which one to join? Check out the master list and find something that sparks your interest!

Our clubs have access to numerous resources, making sure that there will never be a dull moment when you are a member of a club! Members of clubs and organizations here at PCC have attended magnificent events, visited faraway places, and represented our school in large, state-wide competitions!

The benefits of joining a club are huge, too much to cover in one webpage. Just know that if you join a club or organization on-campus, you will not regret it!

Joining a club is easy; just find out what which club you want to join, and then attend their meetings. It’s that simple! Or log in to the site and click “Join Club!”

Can’t find a club you like? Create your own!

Check out the forms below to find out more about how to create your own club.

If you have any questions or want more club-related info, please contact the Vice President for Internal Affairs, Emilie Melder, at (626) 585-7907 or at

So bring your friends, bring your classmates, spread the word out, and join a club today!

About the Inter-Club Council (ICC).

The organization that manages all the clubs on campus is the Inter-Club Council (ICC). It is the largest congregation of student-elected representatives at Pasadena City College, each member representing over 75 clubs and organizations on our campus.

The Inter-Club Council is responsible for approving over $75,000 in club funding for extracurricular programs, workshops, and events that enrich student life on campus. In addition, the ICC lends its voice to pass resolutions and statements that reflect the opinions of involved students in regards to issues that affect students on a campus-wide level.

The ICC meets on Fridays in Harbeson Hall on a weekly basis, with special meetings called when needed. The ICC is chaired by the Vice President for Internal Affairs. For more information on the ICC, including how to find, join or start a club, contact the current VP for Internal Affairs, Emilie Melder at or (626) 585-7907.

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