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One of the greatest ways to get involved here at Pasadena City College is to join one of over 75 clubs and organizations that we have on-campus! With interests ranging from politics, community service, poetry, comedy, dance, cultural awareness, fencing, transfer support, and charity, there’s a club for everyone!

Welcome To FALL 2016!

Exciting new changes are on deck for the Fall Semester. The Associated Students and Office of Student Life have been working over the summer to get ready for the new Academic year. We are looking forward to working with all of you.

New for the Fall

The Office of Student Life has purchased a new engagement platform. What’s that? It is a web based product that will allow clubs and organizations to register their clubs, post information about activities, recruit new members and allow individuals to create a co-curricular transcript. We will be moving from our paper based chartering system to a online registration model. This will also allow clubs to have a larger online presence that will be open to all PCC students 24/7!

We are slowly rolling out the different parts of this program, this fall we will conduct all club registrations (formerly known as Chartering and Re-Chartering) on line. In order to facilitate this clubs will have to complete a Registration worksheet to receive a space at Club Days, to be fully recognized clubs will have to register your club with LancerLink.

This is our first step into this program so we ask for your patience as we work through this process. If you miss any of these steps don’t worry, we can work with your group. We want to see all clubs active and involved this fall.

A check list for clubs

  • Fill out Club Registration Worksheet
  • Submit to OSL CC105
  • Complete on line registration at ICC Retreat.

Advisor Training

Please check with your advisor to make sure that they have attended a training in the past three years. A quick way of checking if your advisor has gone through training in the past three years is to see if they have gone through a training with Carrie Afuso. If not then they do not need to register. If they have had a training with any other person they need to sign up for a training. The sign up link was sent to advisors directly.

Can’t find a club you like? Create your own!

Check out the forms below to find out more about how to create your own club.

If you have any questions or want more club-related info, please contact the Executive Vice President, Alexis Rivera-Andrade, at (626) 585-7907 or at

So bring your friends, bring your classmates, spread the word out, and join a club today!

About the Inter-Club Council (ICC).

The organization that manages all the clubs on campus is the Inter-Club Council (ICC). It is the largest congregation of student-elected representatives at Pasadena City College, each member representing over 70 clubs and organizations on our campus.

The Inter-Club Council is responsible for approving over $75,000 in club funding for extracurricular programs, workshops, and events that enrich student life on campus. In addition, the ICC lends its voice to pass resolutions and statements that reflect the opinions of involved students in regards to issues that affect students on a campus-wide level.

The ICC meets on Fridays in the Wifi-Lounge on a weekly basis, with special meetings called when needed. The ICC is chaired by the Executive Vice President. For more information on the ICC, including how to find, join or start a club, contact the current Executive Vice President, Alexis Rivera-Andrade at or (626) 585-7907.

ICC Secretary Position

Under the general direction of the ASPCC Executive Vice President, serves as secretary to the Associated Students Inter-Club Council to assist in the running of ICC business meetings, as a general assistant to the ASPCC Executive Vice President and others as assigned, distributing important information to club representatives and handles inquiries from clubs, handle issues and make decisions using discretion based on Associated Students guidance, assist in organizing ICC officer and committee schedules, and performs related duties as assigned.
All responsibilities will be fulfilled during regular Office Hours set by agreement between the ASPCC Secretary and the ASPCC Executive Vice President.

Applications are found in the attachment below or at the Office of Student of Life. Applications are due September 9th to the Office of Student Life. For more information or any questions, please contact Alexis Rivera-Andrade at or (626) 585-7907.

ICC Secretary Application FALL 2016
ICC Secretary Application FALL 2016
ICC Secretary Application FALL 2016.pdf
Version: Fall 2016
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