AB540 Student Handbook

As part of the Office of Student Affairs, the Cross Cultural Center of Pasadena City College seeks to create a community based on social justice. A community where all groups are fully able to participate equally regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, socio-economic class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or residency status.

We are committed to: improving outreach to, and the retention and matriculation of those who have been marginalized in higher education. To do so, the Center will advocate for: an inclusive campus climate; the empowerment of oppressed communities; and provide resources to help further the education of socially conscious students.

It was with this mission, that the Cross Cultural Center began a series of AB540/ Undocumented Student Workshops, which have then since expanded to include PCC faculty, staff, and administration. The AB540/ Undocumented Student Handbook was created by the Cross Cultural Center to provide guidance and assistance to students who may otherwise not have any support due to their residency status. This handbook contains information and facts regarding the California Assembly Bill 540, the United States and California Dream Acts, the AB540 Affidavit, Scholarships, and Support Centers.

For more information on AB540 / Undocumented Student programming and support at PCC, please contact the Cross Cultural Center in CC105-G. You can also visit the Cross Cultural Center’s webpage by clicking here.

AB540/Undocumented Student Handbook
AB540/Undocumented Student Handbook
Cross Cultural Center AB540 Handbook.pdf
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