About the Student Activity Fee

To ensure that the campus provides an active environment for students, the Board of Trustees approved policy for the Student Activity Fee (SAF) in 2010. The Associated Students of Pasadena City College lobbied for the SAF for years prior to its implementation. Surveys and focus groups were conducted to ensure that the fee was something students wanted. Among the items that students requested the fee be used for were clubs, a low-cost public transit program, and highly utilized programs.

Students contribute $10 to the Student Activity Fee Fund every Spring and Fall Semester and $5 during the Winter and Summer intersessions. This money is then tracked and then placed into the Student Services Fund, which is comprised of monies collected from Bookstore and Cafeteria revenues and used to fund programs on campus. The SAF money is then administered by the Student Services Committee.

The Student Activity Fee is not unique to Pasadena City College, but we’d like to believe that we are among the most effective in terms of the allocation of the SAF. For example, Santa Monica College’s equivalent of a Student Activity Fee runs at $19.50 and Glendale Community College has their students contribute about $15.  However, no school in the Southern California area can boast about the types of programs we can. In these first two years of the Student Activity Fee’s existence it has supported the following:

  • the Veteran’s Resource Center;
  • leadership retreats open to all students;
  • the Transfer Center;
  • coveted speakers like Julia Butterfly-Hill and Daryl Hannah;
  • various events like Gender Bender Day and Lancer Movie Nights;
  • funding to the Inter-Club Council and its clubs;
  • and our award winning Metro I-Tap program, and more!

If you have any additional questions about the Student Activity Fee, please call the Associated Students at (626) 585-7980.

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