Metro I-TAP

What is the Metro I-TAP?

The Metro I-TAP program is a bus pass program operated in conjunction with LA Metro and Foothill Transit. Purchase of an I-TAP card gives you a semester’s worth of unlimited travel on all LA Metro services, both buses and rail lines, and bus lines operated by Foothill Transit. The I-TAP costs $30* for the entire semester. It’s half the price of a semester’s parking pass, and you can save money in gas and the environment by leaving your car at home and taking public transit to college each day!

Do I qualify for the Metro I-Tap?

If you are a current PCC student enrolled in at least 12 units (i.e. considered ‘full time’) then you’re eligible for the Metro I-TAP!

Sounds awesome! How do I get one? 

Bring your LancerID card, a copy of your current class schedule for the current semester, and yourself to Student Business Services (B-203) on the second floor of the B building. It’s above the Bookstore and next to Campus Police. It’s that simple! So grab the bus down to PCC and pick up your I-TAP today!

Plan your trip here!


*$30 if you previously purchased an I-TAP card with PCC. If this is your first I-TAP card with us, the card will cost you only $5 more.

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